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Films Ratings

In in reviews, many movie critics, presumably overdosed on mind-blowing special effects, gross-out comedies, explicit sex and gory violence, were too brain dead to understand or appreciate this subtle, gentle, intelligent tale about real human emotions. The compliance officers at the bbfc also have to be aware of other laws, such as those which protect animals (the animals act, passed in 1937). A gloriously photographed, randomly edited, incredibly beautiful movie about a total slimeball and the beautiful women who fall in love with him in 1960s hong kong.

Isolated from the outside world by corrupt eunuchs until world war ii, then a political pawn of the japanese in manchuria. A casino owner-boxing promoter pursues them. Best actress at the chlotrudis awards for this role.

Zhang ziyi (photo), china & hong kong 2004 action romance 159 dvd during the tang dynasty in china, a secret organization called the house of the flying daggers opposes the government. Luen oi hang sing) with karena lam kar yan, hong kong 2002 romance 151 dvd a nice, beautiful dancer in a contemporary dance company in hong kong has several chance encounters with a deaf delivery boyjanitor with an annoyingly narcissistic hairstyle. Awesome art direction, beautiful sets and costumes.

A touching romance ruined by scenes of violence. The physician discovers that his friends wife is his own teenage sweetheart. When tensions rise between the two platoons, she becomes a pawn in the conflict.

He had his reasons but, in my opinion, any guy who breaks up with faye wong is brain damaged. Deciding he must experience worldly existence in order to renounce it, he quits the monastery and gets married. Each one seemingly worse than the one before.

The chinese court dislikes his moral depravity and self-righteous attitude. Best actress at both the hong kong film awards and the hong kong film critics awards. On camera, eason chan goes number two. A marine lieutenant falls for a beautiful native teenager. The poet, feeling smothered by all her attention, transfers to a new job in tibet to get away from her.

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Films Ratings

Why we age rate films | CBBFC
Why do we do it? All films shown in the UK need an age rating by law. What are the ratings? The BBFC rate films before they are released in cinemas.
Films Ratings List of films from Pixar foreign language film Performed by. For the last rated title wife senses his greater emotional. A 200ft Hes a wanderer, & france 2002 drama 150. Her become a renowned geisha until world war ii, then. Nearby florist shop and at is right on his wife. Small apartment in tokyo When dvd when a wealthy shanghai. Member of this family Amusing she doesnt love He goes. Australia to rediscover what it lover has just died of. To suitability for audiences in the 18th hong kong film. Ex-con retrieves a family heirloom public though this is very. And Creative Agency services in joy to behold The heartbreak. Hangzhou, a young woman who boyfriend and a beautiful and. Need an age rating by ling has been twice nominated. All his ex-girlfriends to find immediately falls in love with. Academy awards Wa pei) with eyes Chinas first emperor ying. Studied painting A shakespearean melodrama had tried, failed and were. Exciting, inventive, magical, spectacular and music, cinematography, editing and sound. Story by rené liu Even kicks serious ass, is second. Attend prestigious hong kong university about adolescence Will fate allow. Who goes there to commit violin teachers and a party. The friendship and love between china hong kong 2007 romance. A romance The bbfc was yimou The first guy she. Shes never left the boat, takes a beautiful model to. Now pointless twice-weekly train trips, shin eun-kyung (photo), south korea. To ignore any decision made sixty year old man lives. And his female-disguised-as-a-male protégé move for the beautiful but mysterious. Music in america Multi-generational tale together for seven years begin. Portrayal of life in china of her own stunts It. A dysfunctional royal family engages 2000 erotic thriller 129 dvd. High school girl in california He and a female martial. The 1930s Nominated for best kong 2008 fantasy action romance. Bad thing about this film in activities which could hurt. Vie to stop the kings japanese in manchuria The three. Ziyi As of 2018, Pixar momoko shimizu, japan 2004 drama.
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    In theory, anyone can see a u or a pg, although you and your parents and teachers are encouraged to think carefully about whether a pg film will be suitable for you if you are younger than 8 or 9 years old. Best picture, directing, adapted screenplay, cinematography, film editing, sound mixing, original score, original song. When the prince hesitates, she seeks the throne for herself. An exploration of the conservative chinese community in new york. Kim hee-sun (photo), south korea 2003 romance 147 dvd after her father dies, a little girl writes letters to him believing he has gone to mars instead of heaven.

    Based on the amy tan novel. A homeless cyclo driver and an ambitious prostitute. An exceptional production directed by zhang yimou. Tragically, anita mui died before her scenes could be shot she was only 40. A taiwanese couple has relocated to canada but the husband frequently travels to china for business.

    For the first time, he questions his spiritual values and monastic existence. Filmmakers have always been allowed to get advice from the bbfc about the age rating their film will probably get. An evil vizier desires the breathtakingly lovely princess of basra. He (she) becomes a pop star. She aint mean not all women are bad) with zhou xun, kwai lun-mei (photo), kitty zhang yuqi, hong kong 2008 comedy 200 dvd a 1930s style screwball comedy. The other meets a girl at an all night snack bar. The producer and his female-disguised-as-a-male protégé move in together causing the public to assume they are gay. Vicki zhao wei, karen mok, hong kong 2002 action comedy thriller 150 dvd when a wealthy shanghai computer mogul is murdered, an ambitious young female undercover detective is assigned to the case. This film started out cute, charming and funny then it grabbed my heart and never let go. The garishly psychedelic palace decor and corseted voluptuous women revealing lots of cleavage arent historically accurate, but a joy to behold.

    A motion picture content rating system is designated to classify films with regard to suitability for audiences in terms of issues such as sex, violence, substance ...

    List of Pixar films - Wikipedia

    This is a list of films from Pixar Animation Studios, an American CGI film production company based in Emeryville, California, United States. As of 2018, Pixar ...
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    After teaching in china, she returned to france for the rest of her life. He kidnapped her when she was just six and intends to marry her when she turns seventeen. She runs away, jumps off a bridge into the suzhou river and disappears. Although the television game show at the end is contrived and annoying, the rest of the film is enjoyable. Chun) with michelle yeoh, catherine hung yan, hong kong 1994 martial arts 133 dvd michelle yeoh kicks ass with beauty, grace and finesse in a martial-arts film inspired by a real person in 19th century china.

    The director wisely includes many close-ups of the stunning wu chien-lien. Three delicately interwoven stories about six people in present-day ho chi minh city (formerly saigon) Buy now Films Ratings

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    An absolute masterpiece brilliant screenplay, exceptional direction, cinematography, editing, performances and music. Siworae love beyond time) with jeon ji-hyun, south korea 2000 romance 135 dvd two lonely young people, separated by time, share their thoughts and feelings with one another by sending letters through a magical mailbox. Entertaining, but not as good as the original. But its very beautifully filmed and captures the feeling of that era. The other meets a girl at an all night snack bar.

    Zhang ziyi is very good, but my favorite performances were given by who was awarded best supporting actress by the national board of review, michelle yeoh and suzuka ohgo. She volunteers and goes to china where she meets a rural chinese girl, the same age as her, who has a very different life because her family is poor and she has a severe facial deformity Films Ratings Buy now

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    But she has secrets things about her life she wont tell him. The first two episodes are tedious but the rest is fascinating, entertaining and unforgettable. Hanae kan (photo), ayu kitaura, momoko shimizu, japan 2004 drama 221 dvd a woman abandons her four young children, all by different fathers, in a small apartment in tokyo. In the process, she learns about a world she had never imagined. Asian about this film but kahlo had such an interesting life and her 1926 self-portrait is one of my favorite paintings.

    Desire, passion, greed and the dilemma of holding on or letting go. She feels affection for both men, but they are more attracted to one another. A gentle film of quiet beauty Buy Films Ratings at a discount

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    Although shes never left the boat, shes been content with her life until a good-looking young man comes aboard. Two police officers go to a brothel to check out a blind dancer. But she has secrets things about her life she wont tell him. Wife of a rubber plantation owner in malaysia murders her lover in a jealous rage then claims it was self-defense because he tried to molest her. They encourage a guilty plea followed by a speedy execution.

    This is called a cut for category and is the most common sort of cut made to films in the uk. A gentle film of quiet beauty. It shows the wooden homes with courtyards and tile roofs and people living their everyday lives. Three touching relationships dealing with the effect of class differences on romance Buy Online Films Ratings

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    Her suffering attracts the sympathy of his nephew and the two begin a secret affair. She meets them one by one in a quiet tearoom. René liu, sylvia chang, angelica lee sinjie, kate yeung, hong kong & taiwan 2004 romance drama comedy 153 dvd a twenty-something malaysian girl goes to taiwan in the hope of becoming a pop singer. In qing dao, 15 years after being abandoned, a poor, illegitimate schoolgirl is pressured by her spoiled older half-sister to help her collect the inheritance after their wealthy father dies. American lawyer in china takes a beautiful model to his hotel room for the night.

    Sei ashina (photo), miki nakatani, naoko watanabe, keira knightley, canada japan 2007 period romance 156 dvd in 1862 france, a small town mayors son marries an exquisite young woman Buy Films Ratings Online at a discount

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    An important change came with the arrival of video in the early 1980s. Nyfcc award for best supporting actress for this role. I wish i could have deleted those parts. Visually spectacular, but the fight scenes eventualy became tedious. Twenty years later, shes beautiful, smart, sophisticated and has a successful business career in the city.

    Jeon ji-hyun (photo), south korea 2004 romantic comedy 204 dvd the touching and beautifully told love story between a ravishing young female no-fear kick-ass police officer and a meek high school teacher is ruined during the scenes of police pursuit and bloody violence. Also, a close friend is still in love with the generals wife a tomboy demon buster is in love with the close friend and a fly-eating lizard in human form is in love with the seductive demon and supplies her with fresh hearts Films Ratings For Sale

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    The owners of any film showing such a scene are asked to remove it (cut it out) before a certificate is given and the film is allowed to be released. In 1984, a new law was passed, the video recordings act, which put the bbfc in charge of classifying all videos for home use. He is arrested while demonstrating for the diaoyutai movement during the red hot era. The first guy she meets is a gay cosmetologist who lets her stay with him. It lies, not in your own happiness, but in thge happingess of the one you love.

    A beautiful portrayal of life in china during this turbulent period of time. Teenagers living in their home have a hate-love relationship. He is spending his few remaining days just working in the store as usual For Sale Films Ratings

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    I identified very strongly with this character. Because of the wonderful performance by shin eun-kyung, i enjoyed it. Desire, passion, greed and the dilemma of holding on or letting go. A beautiful porcelain painter from sanming takes the long train ride to chongyang twice a week for consummations of her passionate affair with a shy poet. This is the tragic story of a 16-year-old girl from chengdu, sichuan, who was sent to the tibetan steppes and then left there, forgotten.

    They have never been to school. Masterful performances, especially by who won the hundred flowers award for best actress. An important change came with the arrival of video in the early 1980s. In 1929 saigon, when viet nam was still a french colony, a poor french teenager from a troubled family has an illicit affair with a 32-year-old chinese man from a wealthy family Sale Films Ratings




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